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Randy Bowser

updated 11/24/2019



for stage productions

Professionally produced soundtracks available for amateur theatre groups without the resources to otherwise present stage musicals.


for MIDI compositions

Virtual instruments programmed in the SFZ format for MIDI musicians looking for new sounds to use in their projects.




Examples of original orchestrations for standard songs, as well as original compositions.  All produced lavishly in multi-layered MIDI productions.



playwright-composer Randy Bowser
Randy Bowser

Discovering theatre when I was in the 7th grade remains an unforgettable paradigm shift in my life. Earlier, as a preschooler, I had discovered music when I wrote little tunes on my family's old piano.

Those two things – theatre and music have provided me many rewarding peak experiences.

Acting awards in High School, at university and various theatre groups, gave me gratifying encouragement. Over time I branched into composing theatre music, designing scenery, directing, and writing plays.

As shown on this site, I am creating entertaining, commercially viable works that speak to the minds and souls of audiences.

If you are interested in my stage scripts, my software musical instruments, my stage musical soundtracks, or my services as a MIDI musician, I look forward to hearing from you!



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