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An American musical of an English novel on a Russian stage.

Available for new productions.

video promo for Dorian Gray running in Moscow, Russia since 2010

poster for the premiere of Dorian Gray the musical based on Oscar Wilde
Russian rock legend Stas Namin

Randy Bowser's dramatic musical adaptation of Oscar Wilde's "The Picture of Dorian Gray," premiered in 2008 at Pentacle Theatre in Salem, Oregon.


Legendary Michael Butler, producer of the original "HAiR" on Broadway, saw the show and brought it to the attention of Russian cultural icon, Stas Namin, who loved it and soon had a translator working on a Russian version of the musical.

Ever since a spectacular premiere in 2010 at The Moscow International Performing Arts Center, "Dorian" has been part of the repertoire at The Stas Namin Theatre in Gorky Park.

The Moscow International Performing Arts Center

The Moscow International Performing Arts Center

Stas Namin-click for info

Click the music note to see lyrics

"I feel the impressionist fable of

Dorian can best be told through

a tapestry of music."

                                 Randy Bowser

The original English version of "Dorian" is available for productions in the USA and the UK. Licensing is handled directly by Randy Bowser through this website via the

The music samples to the left, recorded live during the premiere production, demonstrate the unusual semi-operatic score. The fully produced backing tracks used for the premiere and the Russian production are part of the production package.

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"...lavish, stylized with a deliberately demented air..."

                                                             The Salem  Statesman Journal

"...The poignant 'We Can Step Into Forever' should become a standard like 'Memory' from 'Cats..."

                                                              The Keizer Times

"...First chair work!"

                                                David Sosnowski, American Composer

"...One of the best musicals I have experienced!"

                                      Gary Garritan, leading devloper of software instruments

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