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"Virtual orchestra" recordings for amateurs and schools to use in productions of the most popular G&S operettas.

These tried-and-true backing tracks will provide you a professional sounding show for the average cost of one musician.

The Pirates of Penzance on stage
Pirates of Penzance on stage
Pirates of Penzance on stage
19th century cartoon of Gilbert and Sullivan
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The licensing packages

includes multiple audio files, detailed instructions,

production notes, and

email conferencing


"Pirates" at Pentacle Theatre,

Salem OR-The first production

to use RBow's backing tracks-

Songs are divided into multiple cues to accommodate cadenzas. Just as a conductor cues an orchestra, your sound operator brings the music back in with a click of a Play button.

Jolly Roger Pirate Flag
The Pirates of Penzance banner

These lush soundtracks were meticulously adapted by MIDI arranger Randy Bowser from the original scores, guided by recordings including those by the famous D'oyle Carte company.

Anyone using the standard Schirmer vocal scores can easily follow the recordings.

The entire package is available to schools and amateur groups for $300. Use the Contact form on our Home page to begin communications about your Gilbert & Sullivan production.

  The "Pirates" samples

on the MP3 player demonstrate

the slightly irreverent approach

of this soundtrack inspired by

the famous Joseph Papp Broadway version. 

Mikado copy.png

For "The Mikado", xylophone, light percussion and string instruments are sprinkled throughout as aural surprises for Gilbert & Sullivan experts and novices alike.

The "H.M.S. Pinafore" soundtrack is a faithful rendition of the full score published by Dover Publications exactly as it was originally arranged in 1878.

We look forward to hearing from you about your G&S production plans.


Using the Contact form, tell us which soundtrack you want to license and ask any questions you may have.


Licensing transactions are conducted through PayPal. As soon as payment is received, you are sent the link to the G&S portal where all the materials are waiting for you to download.

Pirates of Penzance on stage
An orange ball representing the moon

"Pirates" at Pentacle Theatre, Salem OR

Pinafore copy.png
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