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Electronic Keyboard

Custom MIDI tracks

     for your music projects

Play the video to hear
an example of a full
orchestra from Dinosaur Studio
The piano roll view of a MIDI editor
Randy Bowser will develop accompaniments based on your music's chord progression. He will work up a sample for your approval before starting to produce your tracks.
Use the Contact Form
to start discussing your particular needs.
The video playlist above starts with the full overture for Gilbert & Sullivan's "Ruddigore," demonstrating the quality of the MIDI tracking available.
The playlist continues with more music productions from Dinosaur Studio.
  • Back your guitar song demos with lush strings.
  • Add a bass line, drums, synth beds - most anything you would like to try adding to your music projects.
$20 per minute of music per track. e.g.
         Track 1) 2 violin sections
         Track 2) viola, cello and bass
         Track 3) any 2 woodwinds
         Track 4) any 2 brass
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