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Randy Bowser's FIRST album release

20 tracks - 50 minutes of music

featuring 5 previously unreleased songs.


The media player previews one of the new songs featured on

u-ZHOO-wah-lee Blue.

Click u-ZHOO-wah-lee Blue on the player to get your copy now

at Bandcamp.

An eclectic collection of songs of many different styles - from dream-pop to stage musicals.

music video 1

Representative examples of original pieces and orchestrations

MIDI tutorials and software instruments

  • A six part demonstration and tutorial on using the Garritan Instant Orchestra collection of software instruments.


  • A tutorial on how I produced a demonstration of the Bagpipes featured in the Garritan World collection of virtual instruments.

Overview-a Space music video

Music inspired by NASA footage used in "The Overview Effect" from Planetary Collective.

The music was produced using instruments from the Garritan Libraries of software instruments available through Make Music, makers of Finale, a musical notation program.


My original score for the one-hour ten-minute film, “Vampyr.”


Released in 1932, “Vampyr,” was conceived and directed by Carl Theodor Dreyer and considered by many as one of the greatest films ever made.

A collection of music videos

Click the full screen at lower right, or click the YouTube logo to view at their site. The “hamburger control” at the upper left displays the full menu of available videos.


The playlist is an eclectic combination of original pieces such as “Gears” and “Skyscraper,” and original arrangements, such as for “We Three Kings” and other traditional Christmas carols which were included in the Garritan Christmas Album for six years.

music video 2
music video 3
orchesetra 4
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