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The Philharmonia Clarinet - The Alto Kalimba - 11 more

SFZ instruments created from my personal collection. Click for details.

A clarinet
an African Kalimba musical instrument


  • Kalimba

  • CZ Whistle

  • FB-01 EBass

  • X5DR Singers

  • TX16 Brass

  • CZ Eerie


  • TX16 Guitar

  • TX16 Scat Voices

  • TX16 Moog Bass

  • FB-01 Space

  • CZ Zap

  • Boomwhackers

the Autoharp sampled fo RBow Productions software instrument version

The Autoharp

This beautiful sounding Autoharp was produced in the 1970's by Oscar Schmidt.


It was sampled in detail and programmed as a flexible virtual instrument in the universally used SFZ format.

Chords all have 7 articulation layers.  All 127 MIDI notes (10+ octaves) are utilized to provide a depth of detail very rare to find in any software instrument.

Click the picture or button below for many MP3 samples and more information.



The Philharmonia Banjo

This virtual instrument is being discovered and downloaded constantly by MIDI musicians in search of a good, natural sounding software Banjo.

This SFZ instrument features samples provided by The Philharmonia Orchestra of England. Click HERE to access sample data for many instruments and try your own hand at assembling software instruments.

Click the picture or button below for full info.


Kitchen Sink logo for SFZ instrument library

The Kitchen Sink

In the kitchen, microphone in hand, I made noise/sound with everything in sight.  The results are literally a bit of everything, including the kitchen sink!

As with everything on this page, this SFZ instrument is compatible with the Aria player, Cakewalk's Dimension synth and any other SFZ player.

Click the image or the button below for more detailed info, a MIDI file demo, an MP3 demo, and instructions for purchasing.


instrument 1
instrument 2
instrument 3
instrument 4
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